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Learn about ‘the troubles’ in Ireland in this feel-good, coming-of-age comedy series, Derry Girls

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Derry Girls is a popular British-Irish sitcom that premiered on Channel 4 in 2018. The show follows the lives of a group of teenage girls growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland during the 1990s amidst a time of bitter conflict between the North and South.

The show is a beautifully crafted narrative, humorous, odd, eternal in its portrayals of the characters and stands out specifically for its sharp writing and relatable emotional context… The comedic timing and acting performances are top-notch, particularly from the lead actors Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Nicola Coughlan. The show’s portrayal of the complicated political and social issues of Northern Ireland during the 1990s is handled with a deft touch, providing both levity and insight.

Some critics have pointed out that the show’s representation of the Northern Irish conflict is too simplistic, and that it doesn’t delve into the darker aspects of the Troubles, as they were known. Additionally, some viewers may find the show’s representation of the Catholic community in Derry to be a little stereotypical

Overall however, Derry Girls is a highly entertaining and well-written show that offers a unique perspective on teenage life during a tumultuous time in Northern Ireland. While it may not be the most nuanced portrayal of the conflict, it provides a refreshing and humorous take on the subject matter. It is most certainly a poignant coming-of-age story, exploring the lives of a group of friends that elaborate on a pivotal piece or political history that doesn’t get enough attention. Especially look out for the Principal of the girl’s school… we couldn’t get enough of her.

Laughter, love, loyalty, sexuality, socio-political divides, religious absurdity, friendship and adventures come together in this delicious 3-season series that will definitely leave you wanting more… highly recommended!

Available on Netflix

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