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The healing power of space-holistic interiors by Dr S Pujah

This special series examines the healing power of spaces and how sacred geometry can uplift energy with the use of holistic interior design
Dr. S Pujah- Chief Energizing Officer, Balance 1 Studio™

Chief Energizing Officer, Balance 1 Studio™

The signature programme ‘Geo 7 Space’ creates coherent solutions for sustainability. The treatment relies on the common principle – What can be measured, can be managed.

This unique methodology measures energies to create consecrated spaces providing synchronicity between mind, body, soul, and space. To bring the right energy shift in life is the motto of ‘Geo 7 Space’.

This series brings together Dr. S Pujah’s knowledge and experience gained over the years and the first one focuses on the Healing Power of Spaces and Holistic Interior Design for an enriched life.

Power packed

Planning or designing the spaces alone is not enough as the energies have to be in sync with the energies of the dwellers. Holistic interior design is an approach that supports both the physiological and psychological well-being of the inhabitants. Its vision for body, mind, and spirit is integral for creating interiors that breathe. Below are some of its attributes:

Body—When holistically designed, the space empowers individuals with physical limitations and creates ease in the body.

Mind—needs a stress-free and organized space to be productive. A cluttered space is distractive and can limit productivity.

Spirit—requires a space that serves as a loving cocoon to revive the spirit. These spaces are welcoming and energizes people to help them relax and enjoy.

Holistically designed interiors follow Biophilic Design, i.e. bringing living elements such as daylight, greenery, water, natural materials, patterns, textures, and colors into the living or working space. By doing so one can:

  • Improve attention span, concentration, and memory restoration
  • Increase wellbeing by 15%, productivity by 6%, and creativity by 15%
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase comfort, and positive thoughts
  • Reset Circadian Rhythms for enhanced physical and mental behavior

The Three Aspects

1. Physical ambience

Holistic interior design aims at assembling a great physical environment at home for families, or workplaces for employees and customers. While exploring every aspect of the space to enhance its functional flow, it’s essential to be mindful of the spaces the occupants might find themselves in and how they might ‘feel’ physically at that moment. As a result, the space becomes fully aligned to the individual’s daily operation with improved productivity and ease of living.

2. Emotional engagement

This aspect influences mood and the ability to make decisions and makes use of colour psychology and neuroscience. For instance, some individuals are aware of their feelings, but they cannot really relate them to the environment they’re in. Thus, it is important to glorify the aesthetics of the space by assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the environment to create a space that reflects an individual’s personality and enables them to connect with it on a deeper level.

3. Visual essence

The design, texture, colors, and decorations speak volumes and the aura that fills the home narrates a lot about an individual. Most people keep going back to the same restaurant for the ambience – simply because the charismatic elements are pleasing and make them delighted. Therefore, the visual aspect shouldn’t be overlooked.

Dr. S Pujah receiving award from Tariq Nizami, founder of CEO Club
Dr. S Pujah receiving award from Tariq Nizami, founder of CEO Club

Holistically designed interiors follow Biophilic Design, i.e. bringing living elements into the living or working space

The Five Elements and Senses

A holistic home is appealing to our five senses and balances the following five elements:

1. Water the sense of taste. With an abundance of healing energy, it attracts new opportunities, brings clarity to thoughts and ideas, provides immunity, and restores health. An imbalance in this element can result in issues related to the kidney and liver.

2. Air the sense of touch. Linked with movement (especially rational movement), it represents growth in life and calls for refreshment, fun, and happiness. An imbalance in this element can lead to illnesses such as cold, cough, asthma, jaundice, and issues in the eyes.

3. Firethe sense of sight. Adds confidence and enthusiasm to one’s life and brings “warmth” to relationships. It also governs the flow of income. Any imbalance in this element can lead to skin allergies, weight issues, high blood pressure, and anemia.

4. Earththe sense of smell. Dominates the center and diagonal directions in every built space and provides stability, balance, patience, and maturity in character. An unbalance in this element can lead to depression.

5. Spacethe sense of hearing. Governs mood swings, new ideas, conceptions, and growth. An imbalance can lead to anxiety disorder, irritating behavior, and insomnia.

Ancient Vedas and Science of Architecture or Construction ‘Vaastu Shastra’ have held great importance for thousands of years. Each space has directions, and the interior arrangements must follow the principles of Vaastu to be in sync with the five elements. The interiors have an impact on the people occupying the space and even simple things like a piece of furniture or a painting if kept in a designated positions can attract harmony, positivity, and happiness into lives.

Who Can Opt For This

Anyone looking for enhancing the energies of their residential or commercial spaces can opt for the remedial methods on offer. The Universal Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like’. The GEO 7 SPACE works with this law to create an environment that represents your goals and passions towards inculcating Healthy Energies.

Essentially everything is energy, and every corner of the home has an energy that can be measured and aligned. Dr. S Pujah helps in aligning the chakra petals of the home and marma meridians of the space to bring health, prosperity, fertility and growth by appropriately following the energy principles of nature.

Through the proprietary and engineered concept healing method, the frequencies of spaces and structures are measured, aligned, and corrected with the use of sacred geometry and the five elements balancing method. All of these are finally integrated to lift up spaces.

The right environment should make one feel comfortable and supportive. If life feels out of whack there is surely an imbalance that needs to be addressed. Stay tuned for the next article that focuses on Body energy and its alignment through natural herbs.

Dr. S Pujah is a renowned energy consultant and the Chief Energizing Officer of Balance 1 Studio™ with over a decade of experience in delivering personalized energy solutions to a diverse range of clients.
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