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Global EV Show 2023: Uniting MENA’s electric vehicle leaders and global innovators in Dubai

The second edition of the Global EV Show 2023, set for 8th – 9th December 2023 in Dubai, is a premier Conference and Exhibition uniting MENA’s electric vehicle sector leaders with global innovators.

The event stands as a gathering point, drawing together MENA’s electric vehicle sector’s thought leaders, creators, and innovators alongside global counterparts, to ignite a collective exploration of sustainability, innovation, and experiential learning. A line-up of distinguished EV enterprises will showcase the latest vehicle models, cutting-edge electrification technologies, innovative products, and holistic solutions to an enthusiastic audience.

Serving as a fertile ground for EV enthusiasts, offering a panoramic view of the sector’s offerings, spanning e-bikes, cars, buses, trucks, scooters, vans, and even eVTOL/UAMs, the exhibit also encompasses residential and commercial EV charging systems, encapsulating disruptive concepts that shape the future of mobility.

With more than 500 vendors from diverse automotive, electrification, and EV industrial sectors, the Global EV Show embodies an unparalleled convergence of knowledge and innovation. This becomes especially significant as the automotive industry’s evolution toward electrification alters supply chains and market dynamics. By 2030, essential electrification components like batteries, electric drives, and autonomous driving technologies are projected to dominate the market, accounting for a substantial 52% of its size.

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