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Engage with thought leaders, creators, innovators showcasing technological advancements at the Smart Future Expo in Saudi Arabia

The world is undergoing a transformative shift due to technological advancements. The Smart Future Expo aims at nurturing these technologies and cultivating an atmosphere that fosters innovation.

Smart Future Expo stands as a prominent exhibition that showcases ground-breaking technological advancements and innovations. It aims to enhance automation’s flexibility, elevate machine intelligence, and push the limits of connectivity. Explore the synergy between IoT, data, and digital technologies, which pave the way for sustainable development practices and address the challenges faced by smart cities.

Unveiling the cutting-edge smart technologies and innovations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Smart Future Expo will provide unparalleled opportunities for networking and exposure within the tech industry.

Engage with thought leaders, creators, innovators, and visionaries across various industries to tackle the world’s most crucial technology-related challenges and opportunities. Speakers include names such as Dr. S.K. Jason Chang, Professor National Taiwan University; Ammar Sabbagh, Head of IoT and Smart city; Saleh Al-Nemer, Senior Technology Consultant, amongst others.

The expo will enable businesses to thrive while connecting them with influential public-private partnerships, tech giants, creative startups, and enterprises from across the Middle East.

From 6th to 8th Aug 2023 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia.

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