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From ambience to cuisine: Here’s why Dubai’s Capital Club is a must for the jet-set

Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour and few places bring together the hi-flying lifestyle together better

Let’s talk about what it is that distinguishes Capital Club Dubai from every other private members’ club in the world?

Is it the unique ambiance and quality cuisine? Or the customised social events that build community and the personalized member relations? Or could it be the in-depth high-level business events that contribute towards a knowledge economy? Or the diverse stakeholders that bring the government into conversations with the private sector?

It would not be incorrect to say it is all of this and then some more!

The Club has had an incredible year in 2022 with an influx of a spate of new membership enquiries. The Club currently has well over a 1000 members on its books and has curated a record number of high-end corporate events and a dozen business events. It added 40 new members to its rosters in just one month and saw a significant increase in women memberships. It’s success should come as no surprise, given the quality and class of the high-profile gatherings they organise.

Capital Club, UAE

Capital Club, DIFC Dubai

Capital Club, Dubai

Take for example their recent gala! An exclusive list of invitees were treated to a night of elegance and revelry at a unique event hosted by the Capital Club. It was a night that once again showcased that this is the Club where one parties in style in this glittering city. The Venetian Masquerade Ball on 11 November was a celebration of a truly momentous year, and was a fitting precursor to acceleration the Club, its activities and its members into 2023. An evening that brought together the corporate and social glitterati of Dubai in a celebratory extravaganza, the event was a blend of sophistication and fun, the kind that the Capital Club has come to be renowned for.

About the Capital Club Dubai

Capital Club Dubai is a premium exclusive business persons club, a platform where eclectic business leaders meet and discuss challenges and opportunities, interact with government, and help shape future policies to create a fertile economic environment. The club aims at creating a legacy of knowledge, inclusive opportunities, and collaborations with diverse stakeholders.

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