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All about the World Talent Hunt Dubai 23 and how it can help counter bullying

All about the World Talent Hunt Dubai 23 and how it can help counter bullying.

Talent is everywhere, but the opportunity to showcase your talent effectively, and to the right audience, is rare. Dr Mansoor Al Obeidli is changing the game with his offering of a UAE wide mega event, World Talent Hunt 2023 Dubai, that offers those with performing skills in any area the chance to stand out. Dancers, singers, musicians, gymnast, magicians… the contest is open to all, and promises a golden opportunity for all. 

The Grand Finale will be held on 12th March at Children’s City, Al Ajyal Theater and the event will honour outstanding talents with the Young Talent Achievers Award.

The event will also allow contestants to showcase their talent irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, age and gender, creating a level playing field, because, after all, ability does not know borders or background.

The talent hunt will support the UAE Government programme which is mandated to counter and encourage zero tolerance for bullying and promote unity and harmony.

Through this mega event, Dr Mansoor Al Obeidli is optimistic about empowering and enabling creative talents from different walks of life. He is of the firm belief that the time is ripe, especially post the pandemic to host an event of this magnitude and help people explore their potential.

Candidates participating in the event will be segregated into different categories according age. Individuals from the age of 5-20 will be in Category A, whereas individuals above 21 will be placed in Category B. Multiple auditions began in October 2022. Kicking off in Dubai, the World Talent Hunt is slated to come to India next. The jury for the event will comprise prominent personalities from diverse fields. These globally renowned judges aim to lend their personalities and media weight to the event in order to raise a collective voice against bullying.

L to R: Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli, Dr. Navana Kundu, MC Bassam, Sofia Evangelina, Humaid Alblooshi

The talent hunt will support the UAE Government programme which is mandated to counter and encourage zero tolerance for bullying and promote unity and harmony.

Some of the distinguished names on the jury include:

  • Dr Navana Kundu — Award-winning and best-selling author (USA, UAE, India), Tedx speaker & coach; Emotional Mastery Pioneer Board Member Media Council
    UNACCC / UAE Country Chair Coaching G100 Mission. Ambassador of Mental Health Association, USA
  • Sofia Evangelina — Award-winning singer-songwriter and Ambassador of GAB Generations Against Bullying
  • Miya Ross — Actress, model and designer. The first young lady to represent the UAE in international pageants and the winner of more than 12 titles
  • Rajeev Daswani — Founder AHCC (A Happiness Coaching Center), Happiness and Wellbeing Leader, Keynote Inspirational Speaker & amp, Conscious Coach/ CTT Consultant Barrett Values Center, Serial Entrepreneur, Actor
  • Siobhan Fanning — the Director of Show Squad LLC, a performing arts education and entertainment company based in RAK. She has been teaching drama and
    singing for over 20 years and has taught Harry Potter star Emma Watson at Stagecoach Oxford, when she was 6 years old.
  • Yara Khdair — Ballet Dancer; British Board Trainer – Ballet Gymnastics, Actress, Appointed Member of Gymnastics Committee Syrian Sports Federation
  • Shahid Shabaz — Winner of Voice of UAE. The most popular Sufi singer in the UAE. He has performed more than 90 shows in the UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand,
    Indonesia, Kenya, Oman, Turkey, Ghana, Mauritius and Hong Kong
  • Bassam Nader — Celebrity Emcee and ICF Coach for Positive Transformation. He is one of the six emcees selected out of 1600, across the globe, to represent the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Event organized by: Aiwa Events

Official DJ – Dj A-QODE

Official sponsors — Niddle Nine, Betina’s Closet, Recovery Buddy, Aspire Magazine, Time2Dance, Lamar Beauty Salon, Primatek,, Aarpa Photography, Manarah Edtech.


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