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CEM and Customer Loyalty Summit to address rapidly evolving customer expectations and experiences

The 10th Annual CEM and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit on November 14-15 in Dubai, delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of customer expectations and experiences. In today’s dynamic market, customer desires are changing at an unprecedented pace, challenging companies to adapt swiftly and effectively. While new technologies bring opportunities, they also pose significant challenges that demand immediate attention.

This summit is meticulously crafted to address the pressing issues surrounding Customer Experience Management (CEM) and to explore innovative case studies from industry leaders. The summit will tackle key topics such as the need for a universal approach in CEM, striking a balance between automation and personalization, and the global implementation of loyalty and customer experience strategies across diverse cultures and currencies. Through in-depth discussions, it will uncover insights into customer behavior through journey mapping and leverage digital transformation as a vital driver for enhancing customer experiences.

Distinguished speakers, representing prominent organizations worldwide, will share their expertise on topics including employee engagement, creating exceptional customer experience strategies, and the impact of loyalty programs on customer retention. Some of the distinguished names are: Jane Zhenni Cai, Associate Vice President, Service Design, Emirates NBD; Bassel El Shaboury, Vice President Africa & Head of Marketing High Growth Region, Henkel; Ahmad Bataineh, Cluster Director of Digital Marketing, Hyatt Hotels; Nitin Bhandari, SVP & Head of Payit Digital Wallet, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB); besides others.

This interactive business conference aims to equip you with valuable knowledge to establish robust customer relationships, employ omnichannel approaches, ensure digital experiences that build trust, and harness emerging technologies shaping the future of customer experiences that will empower your organization in the ever-changing landscape of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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