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Want to save the world? Attend the Arab Green Summit at Dubai this June

The world is in crisis. A crisis that affects every living being on earth. The effects of global warming are being felt everywhere as climate systems change and natural disasters increase in scale and volume. The consequences of a further rise in temperatures does not bode well for the planet and the coming decades pose significant challenges in addressing this issue. The agreement to reach net-zero by 2050 is laudable, and world leaders are working towards achieving this through various means. The MENA region has long been working towards this end and has taken significant strides to set and maintain sustainability goals. There has been a massive amount of investment into alternative energy sources with projects like NEOM, Masdar City, Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park are testament to the  drive and initiative to make a cleaner, better world. 

The UAE is set to host COP28 and is will also be the setting for the Arab Green Summit which aims to showcase the excellent work in the region that is working towards lowered carbon levels and sustainable living for all. Some of the topics that will be discussed and presented at the Summit are:

  • Sustainable transport and climate change mitigation and adaption
  • Sustainable building and construction
  • Industry decarbonisation and economic growth
  • Renewable and clean energy potential and implementation
  • Water-sensitive urban design
  • Low-carbon cities and communities
  • Innovative materials for carbon reduction and environmental regulation
  • Building demolition and material recycling and reusing
  • Sustainable building retrofitting and assessment
  • Pathways for climate resilience and future sustainability

If you are a government official or policy maker in the MENA region, or a consultant to government or green projects, senior members of urban, town and country planning or part of municipality or regulatory authorities, representing smart cities or senior management from banks or financial institutions, VCs or EPC contractors…this is an event you cannot afford to miss. 
Venue: Palazzo Versace Dubai
Date: 13th and 14th June

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