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Join Aspire World’s NFT Expo, the biggest in the world with 7000 investors

NFT Illustration, NFT Drawing, NFT Token graphic

The Aspire World Investment-organized World’s Biggest NFT Expo will be just that—the largest NFT Expo ever.

An investment management firm, Aspire World Investment (AWI), spent $2.34 billion planning for significant, large-scale investments in infrastructure, businesses, commerce, education, energy, the environment, and the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises. AWI is a global organization that has operations in more than 43 nations.

The event will offer a venue for showcasing fresh investment prospects and exchanging expertise and information that will support long-term investment and growth. The World’s Biggest NFT Expo boasts the participation of over 700 exhibitors and 7000 investors from over 189 countries. Dignitaries scheduled to attend include State Heads, Business Councils, Embassy Representatives, Leaders of Investment Companies, Leadership, Government and Civil service personnel, and experts from different fields. This event serves as a once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunity for anyone looking to invest and learn about NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The event will also serve as a launchpad for new businesses with their Startups section, which is catered to help early and advanced startups succeed. The event will be held at the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce and Industry from 11 to 16 September and tickets can be bought online from

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