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Adrian Li Mow Ching at the forefront of the Telecom Industry with his Web3 technology-based phone

From demystifying Web3 and technology for the masses to pushing the boundaries of the telecom industry, Adrian Li Mow Ching has emerged as a pivotal figure in both the tech and telecom industries. An entrepreneur, engineer, investor and CEO, Adrian has been fascinated with the potential of Web3 and technology and is striving to make it more accessible to others.

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of London, Adrian had always enjoyed participating in team sports. Having competed in national competitions for dragon boat racing, he understands the importance of coordinating as a team and working together. It is a philosophy he implements as the CEO of his company, Fx Technology, and within his family as well.

“I believe in leading by example, which is why I feel like parenting and running a company go hand-in-hand,” Adrian shared.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications, Adrian was intrigued with the current and future potentials and advancement of telecom industry and decided to pursue it. Pausing his doctoral studies, he joined Accenture as a consultant and spent seven fruitful and enriching years at the organization, learning about the telecom industry and working with global companies such as Vodafone, BT, Sky, and BBC.

Photographs: Kareem Ali


In 2018, Adrian decided to begin a venture of his own and co-founded Fx Technology, diving deep into the world of smartphones, software, R&D and more. Fx Technology’s first product was the F(x)Pro1, a smartphone that gave its users the best of both worlds; a touchscreen and qwerty keypad integrated into one device. Launched at $700, the F(x)Pro1 was enjoyed thoroughly by customers as orders poured in from across 60 countries.

Motivated by the success of the F(x)Pro1, Adrian is now diligently working on a new device with a new mission in mind.

Adrian found himself swept into the Web3 revolution and the sheer potential of IoT, he launched Linxdot in 2021, a company that provides an extensive range of LoRaWan and 5G for people. A firm believer in decentralized networks and the Internet, Adrian wishes to demystify and explain the concepts of Web3, IoT and decentralized, democratized networks for one and all.

Collaborating with several organizations and projects, Adrian’s Linxdot now boasts over 100,000 community members. The new-age tech enthusiast shared how through his company and its projects, he wishes to make future web3 activities such as payments, finance or gaming as simple and user-friendly as possible. Along with that, he aims to introduce more and more people to decentralized wireless networks and empower them to take control of their connectivity.

In his pursuit of newer innovations and discoveries in tech and telecom, Adrian continues to remain grounded with a personal motto – that every endeavour of his will not only promote change and growth but will also be intuitive, inclusive, and the potential to shape the future!!!

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