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A book read, a set of Netflix recommendations, all coupled by an App to color those worries away

Watch It

We’re The Millers

Laugh Out Loud

Fans of Rachel Green will love this one. A crime comedy that will have you falling off your seats in laughter.

When a small-time drug dealer David Clark gets robbed, he’s unable to pay off his supplier. Instead, the two strike a deal, and David is forced to smuggle a truckload of drugs across the Mexican border into the US. So David convinces his neighbours to come with him on a road trip in exchange for some of the profits. Of his neighbors, one is a lady stripper, one a 19-year old runaway girl, and one an awkward 18-year old teenage boy. Masquerading as the perfect, all-American family, they set out on a series of misadventures that get funnier and funnier with every plot turn. The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in a heartwarming story that explores family life, loyalty and bravery, and innocence in a wonderful mix. Unsurprisingly, the movie was nominated for four People’s Choice Awards and six MTV movie awards. Released almost ten tears ago, it’s available on Netflix, so if you haven’t seen it already, grab that popcorn and settle down for an evening of laughter. 

Warning! You might want to watch this with people over eighteen as there’s some fairly adult content that doesn’t make this family movie… exactly a family movie. ¨ Available on Netflix.

Daughters of Destiny

A World of Learning

Nurture vs. nature… how much of who we become is down to accident of birth or the nurturing we get after we are born. This brilliantly filmed documentary follows a unique educational experiment where children from some of the poorest sections of India are put into a boarding school of some distinction where they are given a high-quality education and exposure to a wider world than they were born into. The program tracks the lives of some of the students of Shanthi Bhavan and their families as they navigate a difficult path balancing new learning and hopes for a bright future against age-old systems of patriarchy and prejudice. 

This heartwarming, moving documentary deftly delves into cultures and changing times with sympathy and truthful precision, exposing a world where the triumph of the human spirit over adversity reigns supreme. The lives of these children, born into acute deprivation and poverty, are inspiring as the benefits of love, acceptance, and a good education see them become stones cast into a deep pool for a ripple effect that is so needed in the world today.

Keep a box of tissues handy… you’ll need them.

Available on Netflix.

Read It: Kith and Kin by Sheila Kumar

Stories about life

While most publishers say short stories do not sell, we readers know that few things delight the soul as much as a collection of well-crafted short stories. From the pens of greats like Asimov, Doyle, and Bond, we have been entertained with characters, plots, and places that have given us rest from our daily labors. To add to the list of short stories one must-read is the collection of life snippets by an author who understands human nature perfectly and isn’t afraid to showcase it using superb imagery and a compassionate eye.

Kith and Kin give you a collection of 19 short stories, all set within a single-family living in Kerala, India. The stories are a beautiful commentary on the richness of individual human experiences involving marriage, feminism, matriarchy and patriarchy as they nestle side by side in grudging discomfort, as generational shifts in thinking and old ways are forced to give way to new thoughts and a different way of being. Sheila Kumar deftly brings to life the personalities in her book and one is left with the sense of having intimately lived with the characters in the book and having visited the darkest corners of Mon Repos, the family home that provides the primary setting for the stories.

But, also, like all good books, Kith and Kin paint a vivid picture of a place, in this case, Kerala and the city of Cochin and the fierce and beautiful sunsets over the famous Vembanad Lake. The stories are armchair travel at its finest and a look at a unique culture through the lives of a family that navigates changing times and ideals. The stories are real, human, endearing, poignant, clever, and they are, ultimately, the stories of all of us.

A must-read and definitely recommended as a corporate giveaway if you want to earn brownie points with clients or customers.

Do It: Tap Color Pro

Colour Yourself Happy

Want to space out, forget the world and the pressure of business and other life stresses for a while. Well, forget mandalas, meditations, running or dancing, and channel color therapy in the easiest way possible. Tap Colour Pro takes coloring to a whole new fun level. Choose from a plethora of pictures, from farm scenes to fairies to flower gardens, and start choosing from the numbered color palette to start filling in the colors into the pictures.

It’s incredibly easy to use, has virtually no learning curve, is surprisingly time-consuming and delightfully hypnotic. You can do it on the move while on the metro, while waiting for a meeting with the client, or just to tune out to give your brain a breather. Download it now for hours of coloring fun that let’s the adult in you connect to the child inside. Or use it to keep your children entertained during those long waits in traffic snarls. Or use it to feel an unbelievable sense of accomplishment when you fill in that last, tiny section of color.

A download you will not regret. Though watch yourself; you may end up spending more time on it than you should.

Available from Playstore.

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