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The Path to US Education

Few things can shape our lives more than education which sets us up for success. Here are your options in the US education system and how to go about it
Carlos Alamilla


There is no doubt that an overseas degree offers diverse benefits to both professional and personal growth. Attending college in a different country, like the US, creates an enormous amount of exposure from the diversity of students in the schools, to the multicultural environment that is created on campus and classes by students from different nations and cultures. The US has the largest number of higher education institutions in the world, with more than 3,000 universities and the most diverse fields of studies available around the globe. Many top universities have excellent faculty that comprise Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer winners and studying here offers access to their learning. There have been major positive changes in the US college admissions that benefit international students today. As a general rule, US colleges and universities are more open and welcoming to international students today than they used to be. There are fewer restrictions for admissions such as the SAT/ACT testing. There are over 1600 US colleges and universities that don’t require these tests, including Harvard, University of Chicago, Stanford, Northwestern and other Ivy League schools.

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How does one do it?

For starters, applying on a timely basis and meeting deadlines is of utmost importance. A minute lost often can mean an opportunity lost for college acceptance or winning a scholarship. While studying abroad might seem prohibitive, every college offers financial aid and scholarships. There are more scholarships and financial aid for international students than before the pandemic, but one must apply on time and do your research to access available opportunities. Once you get accepted into a US college, the school will follow up with a letter of financial assistance which includes scholarships and grants. There are more monies available for early applicants than those late to the party.

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The college essay is the most important vehicle in the application package. It is the only chance a student has to communicate with the admissions officer and offer a compelling enough story that outlines why he/she deserves to be a student at that university. The student must enumerate all his life skills, challenges and victories in the essay and have this reviewed by a trusted mentor. Letters of recommendation are extremely important, and they must be obtained from counsellors, teachers and businesspeople of long-term association.

The choice of the university is, obviously, a vital factor because the student must evaluate the academic merit, the physical location, the weather patterns, the student body, medical services and, of course, the cost of attending. If the college requests an interview, it is mandatory to attend this face-to-face meeting with someone from the university that is willing to talk to you, one-on-one. This person will have your academic and extracurricular background at hand, so will want to know if you are really the right fit for the school in question. Being prepared, relaxed, well-dressed and comfortable with yourself is important at this step.

One should apply to 10 colleges and universities and expect to get accepted in 5 and get scholarships and financial aid from 4. This ratio has worked for our students and we’ve been in business for 30 years. The final outcome is that the student has different options to choose from according to his study major and the financial aid he/she is being offered. 

The Mobile App

COLLEGE AVENUE has launched an innovative mobile app that simplifies and streamlines the admissions process for students. The highlights are: 

  • It’s in two languages: Arabic and English
  • The most innovative and unique AI College Avenue Mobile App in the market today
  • It has a database of thousands of scholarships available for the users
  • It has a database of the top 300 US colleges and universities
  • One can create a student profile and download the app to IOS or Android Platoform so the user can have access to the scholarships of the top 300 universities
  • Easy access with a mobile telephone after creating your profile and subscribing to the College Avenue Club
  • Importantly, by subscribing to the College Avenue Club you will have a chance of winning a $2000 scholarship to the school of your choice.

The Visa

There are three types of student visas to study in the US.

  • F-1 Visa Visa: Student to study in an accredited US college or university
  • J-1 Exchange Visa: Students will participate in an exchange program including high school and university study.
  • M-1 Visa Visa: for vocational study in the US or non-degree study

When you get accepted to a US college or education institution and confirm your status as a student, you will receive a form I-20 and then you go to the nearest US consulate and apply for a visa. This can be harrowing process for a student, but an experienced educational consultant will also help you navigate this journey from start to finish in a skilled manner.

Nothing quite preps one for life like the right education in a country like the US. We urge students and their parents to explore this exciting opportunity with the help of the right guide. Carlos Alamilla has more than 30 years of experience as an education consultant.

Carlos Alamilla is the President of Ideas Forever Ed Tech and College Avenue with a base in Dubai DIFC and Miami, Fl, USA. He graduated from USC-UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or WhatsApp: +1786-344-0377

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