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Sustainable Textile market gets huge push with Stand Up! Project, supporting eco-innovative entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean


Four eco-innovative entrepreneurs can get an opportunity to access Mediterranean markets as well as connect with various players in the regional value chain through STAND Up! Project. STAND Up, which is an acronym for Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development, is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme, designed to support eco-innovative entrepreneurs and enterprises operating in the textile and clothing sector.

A key industry in the Mediterranean with an obvious cross-border aspect, the textile sector needs to transition to a circular model that is more environmentally and socially responsible, which is what the STAND Up! project aims to achieve. The project seeks to support textile entrepreneurs and eco-innovation projects in five participating countries, allowing them to benefit from the opportunities and jobs that the green revolution will inevitably generate in the region.

The textile sector needs to transition to a circular model that is more environmentally and socially responsible

As the project’s local partners, The Tunis International Centre for Environmental Technologies (CITET) and the Technical Centre of Textile (CETTEX) issued an invitation for applicants to select four eco-innovative entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur will receive vouchers of over 4,000 each. In exchange for these vouchers, companies can expand their markets in the Mediterranean. Startups that wish to develop their business in STAND Up! target countries, namely, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, and Tunisia, will be given priority.

This open call is for startups or independent eco-entrepreneurs with at least one prototype/product/service in the environmentally sustainable textile and clothing industries, whether they are just starting out or have reached the growth phase of their business. The business is required to have a positive social and environmental impact in Tunisia. Applications are open from 28th February to 31st March.

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