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Mercedes EQS 580: the tech enthusiast’s luxury EV. Everything you must know

Tesla took over the roads with their e-vehicles and, unsurprisingly, others joined the race. The latest in five-star eluxury comes from the tristar car manufacturer whose forthcoming offering is geared to combine luxury and technology in one seductive packer. Julia Jasmine explores the brand-new Mercedes-Benz EQS


The Exterior

  • The exterior of Mercedes EQS 580 is aerodynamically honed, rendering it an aesthetic, robust structure. The reduced joints and seamless design contribute to its exceptional dynamics.

  • The ‘Black Panel’ unit connects all the highly performing LED headlamps in a single light band to the deep black grating. The large wheels, sunroof, and aerodynamic smart underbody spoiler are other highlights.

  • The car comes with exterior color choices of Black, Blue, Gray, Silver, Red Metallics, and Polar White.

Mercedes EQS 580

Cabin style and interiors

  • The Mercedes EQS’ interiors are an absolute comfort.
  • The ultimate digital luxury of the interiors is the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), a hyper screen that uses artificial intelligence to process commands and controls.

  • LED lighting accents set a chic ambiance that is modelled resembling modern home spaces.

  • The highest accommodation is rendered by the 7-seater variant with a roomy cabin and electrically adjustable backrests. For the interiors, single and dual tones of black, blue, brown, grey, and beige are available with every model.

  • The sophisticated EQS has energizing comfort programs, heated leather seats with massage and temperature settings, light settings, ionization, scenting, and air freshening. It also features external noise cancellation multi-contour ambient light illumination with soft close doors.

Mercedes EQS 580

Tech and Infotainment

  • The electrically intelligent cloud-based navigation system is why a driver can just say, “Hey Mercedes, take me to Burj Khalifa” and kick back for the rest of the drive. The speed driving factors are continually analyzed determining the fastest route to destination, topography, surrounding temperature, and availability of charging stations en route.
  • The Optional MBUX Hyperscreen has three displays under a single 56-inch curved glass surface, allowing the back seat passengers access to operations. With the New-generation MBUX Multimedia System with Augmented Reality Navigation system, taking office meetings or calls, shopping, watching movies, and playing games is possible with a simple touch. MBUX also learns the routine of the user, thus cutting the chase in setting the operations.

  • You can also set up Personal Passenger Profiles for work, as your contacts and office information can be fed to the profile to be accessed whenever necessary.

Mercedes EQS 580
Mercedes EQS 580

Efficiency and Mechanics

  • The grand slam feature is its architectural foundation – the electric drivetrain concept.
  • The new EQS brings the luxury of silence in the form of a sound-insulated arrangement of the drivetrain, making it possible to enjoy a noiseless commute or a pleasant drive.
  • The car bolts through the air with a drag coefficient of 0.20 making it an aerodynamically savvy wheeler.
  • In favorable conditions, the Eco Assistant system sets the vehicle on sailing mode, which consumes a fraction of energy compared to normal mode. In addition, the ‘Zero Layer’ feature of the MBUX interacts with the driver, suggesting fuel-efficient ways to drive.
  • Charging an EQS is a breeze with the plug and charge concept. Over 500,000 charging points worldwide are accessible to Mercedes EQ customers through ‘Mercedes me Charge’. Bidirectional charging transforms the vehicle into a power source, so you don’t have to worry about household power cuts.      
Mercedes EQS 580

Engine and Performance

  • The combined electric drive train of 385 kW of the EQS results in an efficient performance ranging up to 782 kms.
  • Spread out across the axles, the electric motors enable an all-wheel drive exhibiting 516 horsepower output with 611 pound-feet of torque.
  • The acceleration rate takes you 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. The expected top speed is 130 mph making the vehicle a true performer. The AIRMATIC suspension system is why the car is very stable on road.


  • Automatic emergency braking, sensing a preceding vehicle in motion or rest, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, active steering assist, lane keep and change assist, traffic sign recognition, active blind-spot monitoring, and standard pre-safe impulse control are the features making the driving experience a safest world class luxury.

Near Misses

  • The buttons on the steering wheel are somewhat of a mismatch to the luxury sedan since they are not as intuitive as the AI-operated MBUX.
  • The roofline slopes towards the end, which causes the passengers’ heads to come in close contact with the roof while boarding. No cup holders are found.
Mercedes EQS 580


  • Tesla model S Plaid renders an acceleration rate of 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, generating 1020 horsepower which is not achieved by the EQS luxury range.


  • With advanced mobility, this sedan is the world’s most aerodynamic vehicle. Furthermore, the technology has made concerted efforts so that there is no trade-off between aesthetics, luxury, technology, and the green concept.

Mercedes EQS 580

Price Point

  • Mercedes- Benz 580 4MATIC starts from AED 720,000, with the price varying with colors and trims.

When Does It Launch?

  • The launch of this techno savvy spectacle is expected in November 2022 in Dubai.

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