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Learn how to prepare your child to live a fulfilled life with this parenting ideology

To lead children to be their best selves is the best present a child can be given. Here are some techniques to wrap the perfect prezzie
Shagufta Patel

Progressive Parenting Coach

If one were to ask, “Which is the toughest and the most daunting job in the world today?” the answer would be, hands down, unanimously – being a parent.

The good thing is you’re not alone. Every parent feels the pressure and has internally got the fear and niggling worry – are they doing the right things for their child or their teenagers who will soon become adults.

We, as parents, tend to protect our children against the difficulties of life and shield them against hardships that they inevitably must face in their environments as they grow into adulthood. The question all parents must answer is whether or not to shield their children from difficulties or try to be the emotional cushion in their life. How do we, as parents prep our children for life? How do we strengthen them to face and overcome any challenge that life throws at them?

Children look up to their parents to support and guide them in their journey because parents ARE the primary caretakers and influencers in a child’s life. And we need to be very careful in fulfilling our responsibilities as a parent because we are not only nurturing a child, we are building the future.

What do parents really want for their children?

All parents want their children to be healthy, happy, and productive. They want to maximize their child’s growth and give them as much opportunity as possible to not only survive but to thrive throughout life. 

This is the long-term goal of parenting. Therefore, parenting actually begins by thinking about the final result. And therefore, parents must be ‘progressive’ in their approach.

Families who classify themselves as progressive or have a progressive parenting style are on the rise, and this phrase isn’t just a way of showing political affiliation. When used in a familial context, ‘progressive’ embodies a set of values and parenting choices that come from intentional and big-picture thinking.

Progressive parenting is not a rigid set of steps or one solid method of parenting. It is not about a child’s development or creating little geniuses. It is not only about raising a well-mannered child. Rather, it is an approach that focuses on ensuring that children have an environment that fosters honesty, self-reliance, empathy, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness.

As far as parenting goes, many types of growth happen at once. Obviously, the growth of the child, but also the growth of the parent — as an individual, the growth of the relationship and bond between parent and child, the growth between siblings, if any, and the growth of the family as a unit.

Progressive parenting also focuses on the parent’s ability to meet their personal needs in order to be more responsive to the needs of their child. It is about parenting with the big picture in mind – grounded, connected kids from toddlers to teens to adulthood.

The principles of Progressive Parenting can be applied to any stage of life between parent and child, or even grandchild. We have designed a module on 18 fundamentals that compiles all the major learnings into a 4-hour workshop. These fundamental learnings can also be applied to other members of the family, no matter what age, and to colleagues at the workplace. Applying even 4-5 of them will create a shift that is hard to miss.

When and how does one begin?

In a world where so many websites, parenting books, and workshops give you a list of dos and don’ts on ways to become better parents, it can get a bit overwhelming and confusing for a parent.

Society has led us to believe that imparting good education is most important for building a successful life for our children. But, this education really starts with babies in the womb who are listening and feeling everything that the mother experiences, and this can impact the all-around development of the child. So, truly, parenting begins from the womb.

The Goulding Method® is a safe, non-intrusive, ethical, and positive technique for parents that can be applied from pregnancy to the child’s puberty (i.e., 0-12 years of age). This is a tool that parents use in the safety and comfort of their homes to eliminate behavioral, developmental, academic, or physical issues and create changes that last for an entire lifespan.

The primary role of the Goulding Method™ is to allow the child to develop calmness and a positive self-image. The strength of the process is both its simplicity in content and application.

Progressive parenting is not a rigid set of steps or one solid method of parenting. It is not about a child’s development or creating little geniuses. It is not only about raising a well-mannered child

Parents (and adoptive parents) can learn to apply this method with a registered Goulding Method Consultant for extra peace of mind. Joane Goulding, the founder of the Goulding Method™, says, “After many years of bringing my parenting approach to the world, I’m confident that my method is no longer simply a ‘process’. I’ve proven to have assisted families in raising emotionally secure children, and I’m proud my method has touched every community across the globe. I created the process that is now a trusted method.”

While the Goulding Method™ is a wonderful tool for parents with kids between the ages of 0-12 years, parenting really is also a lot about the parent themselves. And so, there are certain basic fundamentals to parenting which, when learned and applied, can change the family dynamics  180º. Google search the word ‘principles of parenting’ and it will show you bulleted lists of some principles to follow.

According to Dr. Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, good parenting helps protect children from developing emotional angst, antisocial behavior, substance abuse, and promotes intellectual curiosity, motivation, and a desire to achieve.

As one of the most researched areas in the field of social science, parenting is a skill that can be learned. No matter what your parenting questions or worries, or concerns, an expert is your best bet to guide you through this complex, yet satisfying, journey.

And remember, it is never too late to turn things around. Children are never problematic, they are just constantly responding to stimulus! With just the right amount of care, support and nurturing, they can surpass any difficulty and be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

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