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Ducab Group establishes Youth Council to empower emerging leaders

Ducab Group, a prominent provider of end-to-end energy solutions and a major manufacturing entity in the UAE, has unveiled its strategy to establish a dedicated Youth Council on August 12th, 2023. This initiative aims to cultivate an inclusive and thriving community while actively involving young staff members in the organization’s decision-making processes.

The newly formed Ducab Youth Council is positioned to drive positive transformation and advancement within the company. Providing a supportive platform will champion the needs and ambitions of the Group’s young Emirati employees, fostering their growth and preparing them to assume leadership roles in their respective domains.

Mona Fekri, Chief Human Capital Officer at Ducab, remarked, “Our vision for the Youth Council is to serve as a dynamic catalyst for positive change, empowering and advocating for the aspirations, development, and well-being of our talented young team members.” She emphasized that this strategic step aligns with the UAE Government’s overarching strategy to empower young individuals and enhance their involvement in public life, the community, and diverse business sectors.

Fekri added, “The establishment of the Ducab Youth Council will optimize our utilization of the enthusiasm and skills possessed by our young employees.” Ducab has outlined a set of key objectives for the council, encompassing Empowerment, Professional Development, Innovative Initiatives, Health and Support Activities, Bridging Communication Gaps, Promoting a Positive Workplace Culture, and Making an Organizational Impact.

These objectives span from providing tools and resources to nurture future leaders within the company to fostering creative thinking and innovation, promoting employee well-being, bridging intergenerational communication, and propelling Ducab’s overall performance by harnessing the potential of its emerging workforce.

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