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Best things to watch, read and own it

An entrepreneur needs to know a lot. Way more than the business idea he or she is growing. Aspire brings you a range of knowledge each month that will keep you in the loop and have you effortlessly conversing with everyone, from your local grocery store owner to your investor to your bank manager. Success is not what you do, it is how you do it, and this is how…

Watch It

Lara Boyd

Train Your Brain

You are nothing without that collection of cells that sits within your skull. There’s a reason that this organ is given the most physical protection. It is the reason you are who you are. It works consistently to keep you doing all you do, from speaking a language to putting food in your mouth to generally keeping you alive and thinking. This short fifteen-minute TED talk walks you through the incredible neuroplasticity of the brain and all it is truly capable of. Lara Boyd walks you through the process of behavior impacting brain function and how practice can truly make one perfect. It would appear Descartes was spot on when he said, “I think, therefore I am.”

Read It

Royalty’s Strangest Characters by Geoff Tibballs

All The King’s Horses

Did Nero really fiddle as Rome burned? Was the Countess of Bathory the most prolific female serial killer? Did a certain king collect giants for fun? Did a princess carry around her dead husband’s remains and talk to it every day? Was Dracula a real man? History is peppered with stories of members of royalty behaving in extreme and unpredictable ways. For those who are appalled by our current crew of world leaders, do read this book. Royalty’s Strangest Characters by Geoff Tibballs is a compellingly witty read that will have you laughing out loud at the antics of kings and Queens over the last millennium. It will leave you feeling utterly grateful that you exist in the times you do with the leaders you have… well, most of you. Importantly, the book is a great conversation starter or filler whether you’re on a date or a business meeting. Unfortunately, it is only available as an ebook, but we would encourage you to download a reading app on your phone for no other reason than to read this brilliant book.

A Moral Murder and Other Tales From The Blue Hills by Sangeetha Shinde Tee

To Warm Your Heart

Fans of Ruskin Bond and Rudyard Kipling and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala will love this little literary jewel. Set in the mountain district of the beautiful Nilgiris in South India, this collection of ten short stories is a joy to read. The lives of everyday people are explored in simple language, while the complex nuances of human nature are explored in a fun, effortless fashion in A Moral Murder and Other Tales From The Blue Hills.

From love affairs gone wrong to small-town spite to midnight hauntings to coming-of-age heartaches, this book by Sangeetha Shinde Tee offers a little something for everyone. If you want to wind down after a long day of work or select a thoughtful giveaway to your clients or friends, we suggest this delightful mélange of human life captured in the pages of this unputdownable book.

Own It

Iphone 13 pro

Neighbour’s Envy Owner’S Pride

No one buys an iPhone to be able to talk to another human over a long distance, or click a photo, or browse the internet or any such stuff that a mobile phone allows a human to do. People buy an iPhone because they want a piece of the elite experience. It’s the equivalent of buying a luxury car. Another car will allow you to travel, but a Merc or a Lambo will bring with it an experience unlike another. Also, a bit of FOMO. That’s the same with owning the latest iPhone come September, every year. This year, it’s going to be a lucky number as the new iPhone “13” will launch on September 14. Apple enthusiasts will probably orgasm at the sight of the new orange / bronze / sunset gold (most probable title) iPhone 13 Pro. If the leaks are anything to go by, it’s the perfect hue of gaudy and classy. Trust Apple to pull off such impossible feats with panache. 

Now, the fruity tech brand is not one to push the envelope with every new release; the iPhone face has remained unchanged since 2017, when the inimitable iPhone X gave the world the notch. This year the notch is going to get smaller by a few millimeters (a gigantic metric in the ‘i’ universe), and that should be reason enough to get the latest iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is touted to bring a 120hz touch screen to the fray as well. Above everything else, this should be the reason why you get the variant with the ‘kidney consuming’ price tag. Why? Because the androids may tout 120hz as the premium feature that they brought years before the iPhone, but the truth is, even with a 60hz panel, the experience of using an iPhone has always been smoother and more refined than the competition. And finally, the big ace up Apple’s sleeve (literally and figuratively since this Earth-shattering feature won’t be available at launch), the new iPhone 13 will allow you to make satellite calls. Yes! You’ll be able to use a dedicated communications satellite hovering in the exosphere to make a call. No need to rely on a sim. iPhone users will finally become masters of their own destiny. 

So go ahead and book your date with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Lucky number 13, iPhone style!


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