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Head to Orientale, Dubai’s only non-alcohol fine-dining Pan-Asian restaurant

Have you been looking for a new fine-dining restaurant that serves mouthwatering delicacies to refresh your palate? Head on to Orientale, Dubai’s first and only fine-dining Pan-Asian restaurant in the non-alcohol category. Every dish at Orientale is backed by a ‘tale’, a connection to the origins of culinary perfection.

The restaurant specializes in exquisitely crafted treats from all around the Orient. The ambiance of the place captures the romanticism of the warm furnishings and the aroma of the expertly cooked gourmet meal. The inviting surroundings and delicious food are guaranteed to brighten your spirits and create the ideal atmosphere for a leisurely and pleasurable evening.

The restaurant also offers daily business lunch buffets for only AED 69, which includes unlimited food from a variety of more than 15 dishes. With almost half the menu (40%) being vegetarian, Orientale offers the widest choice of menu items for this segment of food lovers.

The restaurant also serves the most extensive spread of Vegan food ever (30% of the menu is vegan), creating exciting flavors like never before, thanks to chefs with the best culinary expertise.

From more familiar dishes like California Roll and Spring Rolls to lesser-known yet delectable Nam Prik Sea Bass Fish Dumplings and Smoked Salmon Japanese Flat Breads, the ingredients work together to provide you with an unparalleled culinary experience, whose heart-melting flavors will immediately win you over. Experience total Zen and outstanding service for a calm evening where you can savor delectable dishes and mocktails with Asian cuisine inspiration.  

A gourmet dinner can be ordered online, allowing you to enjoy the 5-star experience in the comfort of your home. Located on Umm Suqeim road in Al Barsha, valet parking assistance is also available for a hassle-free dining experience.


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