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On 15th March, 2023, the Future Factory Show will hold its second annual event in Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with 22 speakers and 10+ sessions, assuring continued discussions and knowledge exchange as the industry evolves.

Senior Executives from Government, Industrial Cities, and Manufacturing Companies in the United Arab Emirates will be able to exchange, learn, and apply the business networking platform’s techniques and information to further advance and enhance their organisations at the event.

The event allows you to

  • Benefit from the top information presented to you by business experts and targeted seminars.
  • Connect with others in your field through networking.
  • Collaborate by meeting with sponsors and exhibitors, one-on-one, to talk about your requirements, possibilities and issues.
  • See how the most recent innovations are being used in the real world by visiting the manufacturing sites of the upcoming factory award winners.
  • Implement the essential techniques, technologies, and learning into your organisation.
  • You will obtain a certificate of attendance once you have actively participated in both event days.

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