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Follow this step-by-step method to grow your money tree and gain financial freedom

When everyone dreams of financial freedom, why does it seem the domain of a select few? When it comes to money, is it truly mind over matter?

CEO Financial Freedom & Mindset Coach

Picture this – a money tree in your backyard. The money tree gives you passive income every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade throughout your life. How would you feel? What are the images flashing across your mind-screen? Do you believe that this can happen to you?

Let’s rewind to something basic – define your financial freedom. What is your understanding of financial freedom? Why do you want it? What will your life look like when you are financially free? What are you doing today that will help you achieve financial freedom?

Your answers to these questions will reveal if you are capable of growing your own money tree. Let’s dive into this analogy in more detail by picturing an ordinary tree, perhaps maybe of a fruit you love. What does this tree need to flower and bloom?

  • The Seed
  • Fertile soil
  • The act of Nurturing the seed with water, fertilizer, and access to sunlight
  • Protect the seed/plant from the weeds, birds, other animals in the early growth stage

Finally, you can reap the Harvest and enjoy the fruits.

By following these four steps, you will work in alignment & harmony with basic universal laws. The first law is the Law of Cause & Effect. The Tree is the effect, for which the Seed is the Cause.

The same analogy plays out when you grow your money tree. Financial freedom is the Effect for which your dreams are the Cause.

Step-By-Step, From Dreams To Reality

1. The Seed (Your Dream, Ideas, Thoughts, Desires): Your dream is the starting point for all the creations. Everything you see around you was and is somebody’s dream. Humans dreamt about the power of flight, mobile phones, complex computers, communicating over earth and space with radio and satellite, diminishing the distance with automobiles. Then, we conjured these dreams into our reality.

What is your dream? The dream is the seed. Unless you have a seed, the tree cannot come into existence.

How to Dream? Use your Imagination, your fantasy. This is one of the six mental gifts bestowed upon us by our creator. You either use it in your favor, or it could work against you if left to spiral. Dreaming intentionally about what you want is the creative implementation of your Imagination. Incessant worries about the future and feeding self-doubt are wielding your imagination against you.

2. The Soil: Now, with your seed (The dream) ready, the next step is to plant it in suitable soil. Dreams are planted and grow in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is like a fertile farm of possibility. Whatever you plant in it – consciously or unconsciously in the form of your thoughts- will yield back in multiplication.

Dreams first need to be translated into ideas, thoughts, needs, wants, and a fierce desire. Unless it reaches a state of actual desire, it will languish as a wish or a hope.

Your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what is real & imagined. How well do you know your own subconscious mind? Maybe very little, or not at all.

Ignorance about your own mind won’t get you far in your journey if you want to achieve exponential growth with permanent change. 

3. Nurturing: Now, you have the seed (your dream) buried in your subconscious mind (fertile soil); the next step is nurturing the seed with Specialized knowledge, Awareness, Study, Understanding, Faith, Belief, Well-being, and finally, allowing it to grow. 

Here, you will witness another law of the Universe in play – The Law of Gestation. As you have observed in nature, every seed has a gestation period. However, the human dream doesn’t have a dictated gestation period. It may manifest in a few days, weeks, months, years, or even decades. What you need to do is keep the Faith – based on understanding. If you keep nurturing the seed with doubt, keep opening the soil every day to check whether it is growing or not, you are actively hindering the seed from sprouting into a money tree.

Harboring the unshakeable powers of the universe will help you to stay on track irrespective of the temporary defeats.

Dipak Bhadra with Bob Proctor
Dipak Bhadra is Certified Global Consultant with Bob Proctor

4. Protecting your Money Tree from the Weeds: The last and most crucial step is protecting your seed/tree from the weeds around you. The weeds present themselves as unwanted information from various media, newspapers, social media, friends, relatives with unwanted opinions, or even your own circumstances. In addition, your own belief system about money also acts as a weed if it is in disharmony with your dream of financial freedom.

If you believe – “Money doesn’t grow on Trees”, you will inherently resist the growth of your Money tree. Likewise, if your belief system says – “Money is the root of all the evils”, your subconscious mind will tacitly reject to grow your tree.

To implement the above steps, use your five senses (See, Hear, Smell, Test & Touch) in alignment with your six mental gifts (Imagination, Will, Reasoning, Memory, Intuition & Perception). When you raise your awareness about these mental gifts, you will be attuned to their power and importance, thus only letting in the information that will serve you well. Develop your understanding of your mind, universal laws, the self-limiting beliefs holding you back, and the non-productive habits that need to be changed. You will watch how this understanding causes your life to bloom and grow, much like the money tree.

How well do you know these six mental gifts? If not much, take the first step to learn and develop these gifts.

Here is a gift from Dipak Bhadra, a short video course “6 Days, 6 Mental Gifts”.

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