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Wize’s groundbreaking Battery-As-A-Service leads the charge in UAE’s green mobility agenda

Alexander Lemzakov, CEO of Wize, a B2B innovative car subscription and digital leasing platform in the UAE, provides the most sustainable solutions for last-mile delivery. Focusing on emission reduction, efficiency enhancement, and customer satisfaction, Wize has developed a comprehensive ecosystem to help delivery and retail businesses meet the UAE’s net zero requirements and follow the…

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Work trends in 2023: The great resignation, digital nomads, and the rise of portfolio careers

For the longest time, the work schedule of many employees revolved around the 9-to-5 design. Early mornings, daily commutes, unrelenting traffic, and the occasional company brunch, all were standard segments of one’s life. Little was anyone, from the average employee to a company CEO, aware of the paradigm shift that would soon revolutionize the workplace.

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