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About Aspire

Aspire, the latest entrepreneurial monthly in town, is a part of The Purple Stroke—a media production house founded in November 2016, which provides unmatched brand solutions to global companies, both in Dubai and around the world.

Aspire was launched in September of the momentous year of 2020. Its first issue published in October 2020, garnered tremendous responses across industries and company honchos.

Available both in print, as flip-format, and as web-articles on, Aspire aims at capturing the pulse of the multisector economy of the Middle East’s premier entrepôt, without missing out on the nuances of what makes the city such a vibrant and an undeniable melting pot of different trades, cultures and people.

So expect to find in the magazine a happy melange of stories on the latest trends across various industries, profile interviews that showcase inspirational journeys of not only companies but also the ones who make it so, pro views that add value to every individual desirous of scaling up, the flourish of cultural inquisitiveness through travel and food trails, events and happenings around the city and lots and lots more.

Here’s wishing you lots of happy reading!

The Founders

Sumeet Gupta


A publishing design expert, creative strategist and branding specialist, Sumeet has over 20 years of experience in content and design in designations such as Design Editor, Art Director and Creative Head, etc. with stalwart publications such as Outlook, Filmfare and Exchange4Media, as well as clients across various industries for all kinds of design and brand requirements. And he channels all the valuable knowledge gathered through his experiences to help shape The Purple Stroke and Aspire, where he dons the hat of the Creative Director. Hugely seeking inspiration from the life and works of Steve Jobs, Sumeet is an actiontaker who leads like a visionary.

Shagufta Patel


A strong force in ensuring the smooth operations and timely publishing of the monthly, Shagufta wears the Chief-Editor’s hat at Aspire. Starting her professional life at the age of 37, many years after being a homemaker, Shagufta inadvertently set off to build a story that constantly inspires. Having moved through stints in Femina World Wide Media and JM Financial Services, she soon chose to lean into her own passions—people and change. Today, the Chief-Editor of Aspire, and mother of two, brings to the magazine her vast experiences as Purposeful Parenting & People Coach, Trainer, Sleep Consultant and India’s first and only Sleep Talk Trainer, who founded her own company in 2015, called Change with Renaé.

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